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Janelle D. James

Janelle D. James
Breaking News Reporter

Janelle D. James covers breaking news at Bridge Michigan. She joined the staff in January 2023. Previously, she worked as a Capital News Correspondent at Michigan State University where she covered state and local policy issues. She also worked as a breaking news intern at the Detroit Free Press. She has a bachelors degree in journalism and political science from Michigan State University. She is from Detroit. You can reach her at and on Twitter at Janelle___j. 



‘Reason’ station returns to Michigan city in response to ‘prayer’ station

Douglas Marshall, a Warren resident, set up a ‘reason’ station in Warren’s city hall in 2014 in opposition to a prayer station. The city initially opposed Marshall’s plan to educate people about atheism, claiming atheism wasn’t a real religion. Now, nearly a decade later, the station is still operating and is open for the first time since the pandemic.